Montana Audubon’s Riparian Bird Research and Conservation: What’s New, What’s Next?

Amy Cilimburg, Amy Seaman


Audubon’s Important Bird Area (IBA) program is a data-driven, science-based approach for on-the-ground conservation projects.  We will describe how our current IBA program is working:  how we collect bird data, use these data to map key riparian areas, connect with our partners and volunteers, work toward habitat protection and enhancement, and use our knowledge to affect policy.  We report on recent data collection efforts on key species, including Lewis’s woodpeckers (Melanerpes lewis), red-headed woodpeckers (Melanerpes erythrocephalus), and Black-billed Cuckoos (Coccyzus erythropthalmus). We will also share various educational products and stories that resonate with those who care about birds, own and manage the land, and who advocate for wildlife conservation—from Best Management Practice brochures to multi-media films.  Finally, we outline how we are prioritizing our IBA work and plans for the future.


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