• Phil Jensen President, Montana Academy of Sciences
  • James Barron Executive Director, Montana Academy of Sciences


The Montana Academy of Sciences (MAS) was incorporated on the 20th day of March, 1961, as a non-profit, educational organization. The objectives of the Montana Academy of Sciences are to encourage interest and participation in the sciences and to promote public understanding of science and its contribution to society.  The Academy accomplishes its objectives by conducting meetings of those interested in sciences and the education of scientists, by publishing contributions to scientific knowledge, by supporting research, by making awards to recognize accomplishments in science, by administering gifts and contributions to accomplish these aims, by assigning and cooperating with affiliated and other organizations with similar objectives, and by engaging in such other activities as deemed necessary to accomplish its objectives.
We held our 2015 Annual Meeting at Montana Tech in Butte, MT. on April 10 and 11.  Over 100 registrants participated, viewing 29 contributed oral presentations and 20 poster presentations over the day and a half meeting.  The abstracts from this meeting are included in this issue of the Intermountain Journal of Sciences for archival and reference purposes.  The Board of Directors of MAS would like to thank the sponsors of our 2015 Annual Meeting:

Dr. Bob Wilmouth, President, Rocky Mountain College
Dr. Doug Coe, Dean, College of Letters, Sciences and Professional Studies, Montana Tech
Dr. Beverly Hartline, Vice Chancellor for Research, Montana Tech
Dr. Renee Reijo Pera, VP for Research, Montana State University
Dr. Beth Weatherby, Chancellor, University of Montana-Western
Department of Biological and Physical Sciences, Montana State University Billings






Montana Academy of Sciences [Abstracts]