Unlocking Some Of The Untapped Value Associated With Our 20-Year Landbird Monitoring Database


  • Richard Hutto Avian Science Center, University of Montana, Missoula, Montana 59812 hutto@mso.umt.edu


Twenty years ago, numerous partners initiated a region-wide landbird monitoring program. I will provide a brief history, will describe the data we now have in hand, and will present a few results that have important management implications. Finally, I will discuss the niche modeling potential buried in the data that we have amassed, and will propose that the strategic placement of additional monitoring points carries the greatest chance of yielding useful results for wildlife biologists who work for land management and conservation organizations. We hope to pilot the new approach within a 3-forest region associated with the Southern Crown’s Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Partnership this year.






Biological Systems -- Terrestrial Ecosystems [Presentation Abstracts]