The Future Of Wildlife Education


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Students today need to be motivated to learn using methods that stimulate their creativity and excite them to look deeper into a subject on their own. As wildlife specialists we can contribute a unique expertise that teachers love to share with their students. With distance learning you can provide a virtual field trip for students in ? 30 min. Share your knowledge and love of animals and nature with students all over the world using videoconferencing technology. Be a part of raising the future generation of conservationists. During this presentation, we will show you how both Alter Enterprise and California State Parks use technology to engage students from afar and how any biologist can do the same from their own conservation area. Not only is this form of educational outreach exploding throughout schools, museums and libraries all over the world, but it is also creating a new love and understanding of wildlife that will hopefully show an increase of park and refuge visits by students who have had their interest sparked.






Biological Systems -- Terrestrial Ecosystems [Presentation Abstracts]