Montana Chapter of The Wildlife Society Abstracts


  • Kelvin Johnson President Elect 2017-18 Montana Chapter of The Wildlife Society


Our conference theme this year revolved around telling our story, as well as sharing our lessons learned. There are many success stories that have come to fruition large in part due to wildlife professionals effectively communicating our management experience and research knowledge with others. Conversely there are situations where our wildlife messages have been lost due to one reason or another. And in almost all cases, if we were to do it over, we’d choose to communicate something differently. Given the issues surrounding wildlife and wildlife conservation, it is becoming more important that we, collectively, are effective at communicating our wildlife knowledge and experiences with others. Whether we are bringing our information from the field to our managers or administrators, from agency to agency and other partners, to stakeholder groups, members of our public, or to our policy and law makers, we need to effectively tell our story.






Montana Chapter of The Wildlife Society [Abstracts]