Tracking New Species: An Update on Satellite Telemetry Data from Raptors Captured on the MPG Ranch


  • Robert Domenech


We have studied the fall migration of raptors at the MPG Ranch near Florence, Montana, since 2011. Our banding efforts during this period have yielded modest totals, but impressive species diversity, with a relatively high proportion of Red-tailed Hawks and large falcons. After several successful years outfitting Golden Eagles and Ospreys with satellite transmitters, we decided to expand these efforts to other species. To date, we have outfitted 8 Red-tailed Hawks, 4 Cooper’s Hawks, 3 Peregrine Falcons and 1 Prairie Falcon with satellite transmitters captured on the MPG Ranch during fall migration. We will share what we’ve learned from these individuals and give a telemetry update on our Osprey study.





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