Relationship of Athletic Injuries to Athletic Season


  • Jessica Ream


In the world of sport, to be an excellent athlete, one must have the necessary physical attributes, appropriate environment, and personality variables to succeed. However, a critical variable that affects every aspect of athletic ability is athletic injury. Injuries have negative consequences for the athlete’s health, training, and competitive performance. Maintaining an absence of injuries is pivotal for the athletic individual and the team as a whole. This research characterizes the relationship between type and duration of athletic injuries in different sports and months of occurrence during the period 2012-2015. Archival data was collected from the University of Great Falls, Montana State University, and Westminster College. Due to the higher injury rates, the sports of focus were women’s volleyball, women’s softball, women’s basketball, men’s wrestling, and co-ed cheer. This presentation will summarize findings and implications for athletic trainers, coaches, and players.






Montana Academy of Sciences [Presentation Abstracts]