Montana's IMBCR Program: Utility of Seven Years of Statewide Landbird Monitoring Data


  • Christian M. Meny
  • Jay D. Carlisle
  • Matthew McClaren
  • Rob Sparks


The 2016 field season marks the 7th consecutive year of statewide implementation of the Integrated Monitoring in Bird Conservation Regions program (IMBCR) for monitoring bird populations in the state of Montana.  Using a spatially-balanced, hierarchical study design, the IMBCR program provides density and occupancy estimates for bird species at various geographic extents (strata) across the western U.S.  Based largely on agency investment, primary sampling occurs in all USFS R1 National Forests and extensive grassland/sagebrush habitats on Montana BLM lands statewide.  Significant sampling also occurs in various habitats on private lands.  Using these data, as well as tools available on the Rocky Mountain Avian Data Center web console, agencies and NGO partners can evaluate avian distribution and population dynamics statewide.  As an effective monitoring program, the IMBCR program informs research questions, landscape-level management and conservation action.  The design and current applications of the IMBCR program are summarized.





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