Zebrafish Stress Synapse


  • Brynn Letang


Stress is a behavior characterized by uneasiness, nervousness, and fear that all organisms are faced with every day. Both environmental and chemical factors can trigger stress responses within the body. In this experiment, zebrafish (Danio species) will be stressed with environmental and chemical factors. Their cortisol levels, which is produced when stressed, will be tested by performing cortisol assays.  The environmental factors that will be tested with light/dark apparatus that will investigate how environmental conditions stress the zebrafish. A beaker stressor will be used to investigate how the size of the environment effects stress on the zebrafish.  Caffeine will be the chemical factor tested because it is addictive.  Different concentrations of caffeine will be administered and the effects of these concentrations will use the cortisol assays.  An ANOVA test will be done to quantify the data.





Montana Academy of Sciences [Poster Abstracts]