The Effect of the Cluffy Wedge on the Average Vertical Jump Height of Volleyball Athletes


  • Ashley Klepec
  • Madison Wilhelm
  • Diane Lund
  • James Clough
  • Stephen Muir


The aim of this study was to determine if placing the big toe in a dorsaflexed position affects the average vertical jump height of volleyball players and whether the grade of functional hallux limitus (FHL) limits its effectiveness. A polyurethane wedge (Cluffy Wedge) was placed under the big toe of 30 volleyball athletes. Two sets of three vertical test jumps were completed for each individual and t-tests of average jump heights showed no difference with or without the Cluffy Wedge.  The subjects were then tested for FHL. Results showed slight significance in average jump heights for FHL grade 0 (p= 0.1401), while showing no significance in FHL grade 1 (p= 0.6949) and 2 (p= 0.9045). In conclusion, using a Cluffy Wedge to induce dorsiflexion of the big toe did not affect the average jump height of volleyball athletes and the FHL grade had no influence.





Montana Academy of Sciences [Poster Abstracts]