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agency animal antelope arbor arm band arrow automobile axe back rest bag bandolier bag battle beadwork bear claw beaver bells belt bird blanket boat bow bow and arrow breast plate breech cloth buffalo buffalo dancer buffalo herd buffalo horn building burial camel cavalry celebration ceremony chaps chief children choker church church congregation coat cooking cookware costume couple cradle board craft shop curlew dance dance baton dance costume dancer decoration deer donkey dress dried meat drum eagle eagle dancer earring elder elephant elk elk teeth encampment ermine European decoration face paint family fan featherwork fish flag food funeral games gauntlet geometric design giraffe girl glove grass dance grave group gun scabbard hat hatchet head piece headdress hide horn society horse horse race horse tack house hunting hunting signal jewelry La na num lakes and ponds lance leggings lion lodge lodge raising log cabin map medicine lodge men mission moccasin monkey moon mountain sheep musician necklace North Plains Craft Association otter painted clothing painted hide painted tipi painting parade petroglyph photographer pickaxe pipe pipe bag policeman pow wow priarie chicken purse quillwork rattle religion reptile reservation revolver rhinoceros rifle rivers and streams rodeo saddle sash school school house seal shell shield shirt sign language singer snake snow soldier spiritual ceremony staff store sundance sword tent tipi tipi liner tipi painting tomahawk train travois treaty trial umbrella vest wagon warrior women zebra