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A-kis-kis Above Aims Back Al Hold Alan Old Horn Alaysius Hold the Enemy Albert Iron Andrew Alexander Annie Old Crow Annie Sam Annie Yellow Wolf Antoine Ninepipe Art Raining Bird Aurelia White Antelope Bad Hat Baptiste Samatt Barbara Raining Bird Barney Barney Old Coyote Beverly Robertson Big Bear Big Hail Big Sorrel Horse Bill Russell Bird Horse Bird on the Ground Bird Well-Known Bishop Edwin O'Hara Boy That Grabs Bright Wings Bro Taggasto Bruce Sunchild Bull Bird Bull that Shows Busy Wolf Caleb Bull Shows Campbell Big Hall Cecil Big Knife Cecile Black Boy Cecile Yellow Kidney Charges Five Times Charles Eagle Turni Charles Wolf Robe Charley White Eagle Charlie Bell Rock Charlie Big Ox Charlie Dog Sleep Charlie Iron Breast Chief Big Bear Chief Bull Chief Goes Out Chief Henry Plenty Coups Chief Mose Michal Chief Plenty Chief Plenty Coups Chief Poundmaker Chief Sevara Chief StoneChild Clifford Count Folke Bernadotte Cst. Peck Curley Curly Bear Curly Head David Turns Plenty Deaf Bull Dick Sanderville Dorthy Small Dorthy Spotted Bear Dr. Neary Duncan McDonald E.S. Godfrey Ed Redwing Eddie Round Face Elizabeth Round Face Ensima Yellow Kidney Fanny Sunchild Father Aloysius Vrebosch Father Andre Father Faust Father S.J. Dinand Fights Well Known Fish Wolf Robe Flatlip Flatmouth Fno Little Owl Fool Dog Foolish Man Four Souls Fr. Grant Fr. James Rebmann Fr. Lonese Fr. Peter Paul Prando Francis Lassaw Frank Caplatte Frank Coby Frank He Does It Frank K. Lane Frank Linderman Frank Red Crow Fullchild General Diaz George Bullchild George Goes Ahead George Thomas George Washington Goes Ahead Good Horse Hal-a-mis Hamilton Hank Bull Chief Hank Old Coyote Harry Beads Harry Don't Mix Helen He Does It Henry Big Day Holy Sleep Many Guns Imi-tai-quan Insimahki Isaac McAllister Iva Bull Tail James White Calf James Willard Schultz Jennie Covers Up Jess Comes Last Jess Gun Shows Jessie Little Dog Jim Denny Joe A-kis-kis Joe Big Knife Joe Lamoose Joe Leyho Joe Rock Above Joe Short Bull Joe Small Jr. John (Tom) Little Owl John Delaware John Grass John Ground John Mountian Chief John Sits Down Spotted John Trejero John Wesley John Young Joseph Raining Bird Joseph Short Bull Josephine Crane Josephine Turtle Julia Wades in Water June Elizabeth Round Face Kai-Kai-She Kathleen Rock Kinnewash Kn. Alvina Old Crane Knob on the Forehead L. Big Sorrel Horse Lame Bull Left Hand Boy Lillian Powderface Little Bear Little Blood Little Dog Lone Wolf Louie Lassaw Louis Ninepipe Louis Raining Bird Louis Walks Lucy He Does It Lump on the Nose Mabel Raining Bird Mad Wolf Mae Williamson Major Wyman Malcom Mitchell Many Guns Margaret He Does It Marie Bull Chief Marie Rides the Horse Mark Wolf Child Martin Charlo Martin Good Rider Mary Chief Coward Mary Fish Wolf Robe Mary Ground Mary Mountian Chief Mary Plain Bull Mary Rides at the Door Mary Sun Goes Slow Mary Tom Mary Whiteman Matthew Good Luck Max Big Man Medicine Crow Metis Minnie Aims Back Morning Star Mose Michal Mr. Nightgun Mr. Plain Feather Mr. Undermouse Mr. Woodring Mr.Sanderville Mrs. B. Kessels Mrs. B.J. Kessels Mrs. Bird Horse Mrs. Charles Wolf Robe Mrs. Keogh Mrs. Loius Belgarde Mrs. Mueller Mrs. Nightgun Mrs. Paul Red Horn Mrs. Plain Feather Mrs. Sanderville Mrs. Ties the Knee Mrs. Undermouse Mrs. Yellowtail Mrs.Sanderville New Bear Nora Spanish Not applicable Ochosemos Osememas Young Boy Other Person Otto Bull Pat Raspberry Paul Kills Paul Red Horn Pauline Plain Feather Pearl Whitford Pete Hawlye Phil Artao Phillip Powderface Philomina Crooked Arm Phyllis Graves Plain Feather Plenty Coups Poetsenmy Pretty Eagle Pretty Women R. Burton Deane R. Mark Wolf Child R.H. Willicomb Rain in the Face Raining Bird Red Hawk Rider Widow Rides at the Door Roasting Stick Robert Bulltail Robert Rasseiys Rocky Boy Rocky Stump Ruben Black Boy Russel Standing Rock Sad Eye Sage Woman Sam Denny Sam Horn Sam Old Horn Samaett Sameatt Sarah Goes Ahead Shirley Temple Short Face Shorty Young Boy Shot in the Nose Shows in the Crow Simpson Sings Good Sits Down Sitting Bull Spotted Buffalo Spreadwinged Stella He Does It Stonechild Sub-Chief Buckskin Charlie Susanna Old Horn Susie Spotted Bull Chief Sword Bearer Takes Away the Enemy Teresee White Hip The Horse Thomas Hill Thomas Indian Three Calves Ties the Knee Tilton West Turtle Two Guns White Calf Two Moon Undermouse Unknown Victor Chief Coward Virginia Little Light Virginia White Hip Wades in Water Wah Pah Nah Tahk Walks in Water Wallace Nightgun Walter Chief Walter Grey Bull Watson Weasel Tail White Hip Wild Gun William Big Day William Boles William H. Gabel Windy Boy Winold Reiss Wolf Plume Wraps Up His Tail Xavier Bear All the Time Yellow Fringe Yellow Kidney Yellowtail Young Boy