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August "Gus" L. Hormay Personal Papers Digital Collection

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  • Oregon Bureau of Land Management Vale District

    Creator: Hormay, A.L.

    Date: 1907-1999

    Keyword(s): oregon, vale, baker, wallowa, whitman, lagrande, bois cascade corp, bacher creek, balm creek, big creek, burned, barnard creek, bulldozer, camp creek, cave creek, chalk bluff, cindey butte, clover creek, crews creek, denny flat, dixie creek, dry gulch, davkee, east balm creek, east pleasant valley, east table mountain, five mile, goose creek, homestead, huntington, immigrant gulch, iron mountain, juniper mountain, keating highway, kelley creek, lindsay mountain, little valley, love creek, love pasture, lower houghton creek, lower powder, lower sawmill, mccann springs, magpie peak, mormon basin, nodine creek, north bridgeport, north dixie creek, north flagstaff, pedro mountain, pine valley, powder river canyon, pritchard creek, rattlesnake gulch, risley butte, ritter creek, ruckles creek, ruth gulch, rye valley, salt creek, sawmill creek, second creek, snake river sisley creek, soda creek, south bridgeport, spring creek, table mountain, timber canyon, table rock, tucker creek, turner gulch, upper clover creek, upper durbin creek, upper houghton creek, upper pittsburg, upper ritter creek, upper shirttail creek, upper spring creek, virtue hills, waterspout, west clover creek, west magpie peak

  • Potter Pasture map

    Creator: A.L. Hormay

    Date: August 9-12, 1932

    Keyword(s): potter pasture, maps, modoc national forest

  • Soil Temperature and Precipitation

    Creator: A.L. Hormay

    Date: August 1940-June 1941

    Keyword(s): blacks mountain, soil temperature