0.3 - Chapter summary


You should have R and R-studio downloaded and working after going through this preliminary chapter. You should be able to read a data set into R and run some basic functions, all done using the R-studio interface. If you are struggling with this, you should seek additional help with these technical issues so that you are ready for more complicated statistical methods that are coming very soon. For most assignments, we will give you a seed of the basic R code that you need. Then you will modify it to work on your data set of interest. As mentioned previously, the way everyone learns and uses R involves starting with someone elses code and then modifying it. If you can complete the Practice Problems that follow, you are on your way to learning to use R.

The statistical methods in this chapter were minimal and all should have been review. They involved a quick reminder of summarizing the center, spread, and shape of distributions using numerical summaries of the mean and SD and/or the min, Q1, median, Q3, and max and the histogram and boxplot as graphical summaries. The main point was really to get a start on using R to provide results you should be familiar with from your previous statistics experiences.