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MSU Library - Book in Browser Initiative

MSU Library Book in Browser project is an IMLS grant-funded initiative to enhance and improve prototype software for publishing books within in a web browser, which will make online books more accessible, discoverable, shareable, and ready for analysis by users. The project will establish best practices for web publishing in specific genres, such as textbooks, fiction, and articles, and share these best practices through outreach and publications. The resulting software is open source and available under the MIT license from our MSU Library GitHub account, creating a model intended for broader use in the library and publishing communities and contributing to a wider area of research related to open publishing models for e-books.

  • Democracy By Degrees by Robert W. Rydell

    Democracy By Degrees is an account of the history of Montana State University in celebration of our university's 125 anniversary.

    Available as a standard .epub with pictures and as an enhanced .epub with topic modeling for digital scholarship projects

  • Opsis

    Opsis is the literary magazine of Montana State University. Opsis is student-run and publishes poetry, short fiction, photography, and illustrations.

  • Statistics with "R"

    A college-level statistics textbook by Mark Greenwood and Katherine Banner. The core textbook for STAT 217 (Intermediate Statistical Concepts) course at Montana State University (MSU).

  • Intermountain Journal of the Sciences

    Single issue of a regional peer-reviewed outlet for scientists, educators, and students to submit original research, management applications, or viewpoints concerning the sciences

  • Home Cooking

    Home Cooking is a cookbook and series of essays created as a class project by the students in Montana State University's upper division history course, The History of Food in America (HSTA 409), in Spring 2012. The stories and recipes collected here represent a wide range of family memories and of regional and international cuisines.