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  • Catherine Claveau Berner Fairbanks, AK


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Bookmobile and Homebound services are combined into one department at our library in Fairbanks. My co-worker Karen and I do it all using that Bookmobile. Our office is lined with shelves that are labelled with the names of each Homebound patron or each Saturday run and they are stacked with a variety of materials we’ve chosen and checked out for each.
The office is adjacent to the garage for easy access to the vehicle. My daughter has described us as superhero librarians along the lines of Batman. She imagines that we hear of a bookneed out in the community, look at each other dramatically and say, “To the Bookmobile!” before jumping into our tricked-out arctic wheels to fill the pressing need vanquishing boredom and listlessness everywhere.
We work Tuesday through Saturday. On some weekdays, we load carts onto the vehicle with bags of books and other treasure to make individual door-to-door deliveries to Homebound people. On other days we set up mini-libraries in two State Housing Apartment buildings or visit our Pioneer Home, which is a State-run nursing home. We make door-todoor delivery there and also bring a bagful to the Activities Staff so they have something fresh to share with residents who can’t use and acquire their own materials because of Alzheimer’s or Dementia.

Author Biography

Catherine Claveau Berner, Fairbanks, AK

Kitty Berner has worked at the Noel Wien Public Library in Fairbanks, Alaska for 17 years. Eleven were spent in Youth Services; the past six have been in Outreach with the Bookmobile. In the fall, 2016, she began work for her Master of Information Degree through Rutgers University, concentrating in Library and Information Science.