Keeping it Current: Avenues for Staff Development


  • Elizabeth H. Brown Central Washington University


academic libraries, Washington, case study, staff development


Whether you are providing staff training in preparation for new library initiatives, or just trying to keep up with current programs and technology, staff development is an integral part of maintaining a progressive and prepared library. The multitude of means for delivering staff development have also made it easier to overcome various time, space, or technology restrictions to making it a regular part of library work. However, regardless of how deliverable staff trainings may be, in our busy lives it still takes time to make a plan for staff development. This article outlines a method for making such a plan for your own library and examines case study examples from Central Washington University. Before creating your master plan for staff development at your own institution, make sure you have the approval of your library administration at an early stage. Getting buyin from administration is extremely important for supporting staff development and assessing its feasibility. Bringing in an expensive workshop facilitator or sending staff and faculty to conferences can be a serious fiscal undertaking. However, staff development doesn’t always need to be a pricey burden and this article will include examples of staff development activities that do not require bringing in experts.

Author Biography

Elizabeth H. Brown, Central Washington University

Elizabeth Brown is the Instruction Coordinator at Brooks Library of Central Washington University where she oversees library instruction and coordinates the academic programs in Library and Information Science. She obtained her MLIS from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and has a background in academic librarianship.


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