The Academic Library’s Role in Student Retention


  • Kellian D. Clink Minnesota State University Mankato


student retention, academic libraries


Student retention is critical to job security, but most importantly, we who work in academe
are entrusted with our students’ dreams. While there are many factors that enter into students’ eventual graduation from college, the library can help by understanding some of the basics of the literature of student retention and then by creating spaces, collections, and personnel who are responsive to student needs. This session at PNLA’s 2015 conference outlined research about student retention, summarized some of the reasons that it matters, and offered up some strategies that the author’s library is using to be part of an overall campus effort to improve retention.

Author Biography

Kellian D. Clink, Minnesota State University Mankato

Kellian D. Clink is a reference librarian at Minnesota State University Mankato.


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