Understanding the Sharing Mania: What Libraries Can Learn from the Current Rise of Collaborative Consumption Models


  • Celine Gareau-Brennan University of Alberta Libraries


Collaborative Consumption, Sharing Economy, Business Models, Libraries


This article explores the current rise of collaborative consumption models for a library context. Specifically, it explains these models and unpacks key success factors from collaborative consumption. Subsequently, the article postulates what is beneficial for librarians and libraries to understand from the current trend of collaborative consumption. While there has been much research and criticism about applying traditional business models to libraries, little academic work has been completed in using contemporary business practices such as the collaborative consumption models. To address this gap in the literature, this article addresses the following questions via a literature review: “What is the current trend of collaborative consumption?” “What models for success exist within collaborative consumption?” “How do libraries already fit into collaborative consumption?” “What are the ramifications of considering libraries a form of collaborative consumption?” First explored is the definition of collaborative consumption and its current state. Following this query is a look at what models exist within collaborative consumption and how these models have contributed in making collaborative consumption successful. Finally, there is a discussion where librarians and libraries fit into these models. Areas of future research in this field are also identified with the hope that librarians and libraries can use these disruptive business models as momentum to enhance their services and resources.






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