Is a Library Department Chair Essential?: The Development of the Library Department Chair at Central Washington University


  • Julia Stringfellow


Academic libraries, faculty, department chairs, guidance


The combined position of University Archivist and Library Department Chair in the James E. Brooks Library at Central Washington University (CWU) in Ellensburg, Washington is unique and draws curiosity as to what other academic libraries have department chairs and what is their specific area of librarianship. This article provides a review of literature on the responsibilities of department chairs and their vitality, as well as publications specifically referencing library department chairs. A comparison of the CWU library department chair to another library faculty chair in the Orbis Cascade Alliance is also provided. The history of the chair position at Brooks Library is examined as is the makeup of the library faculty. Resources for chairs at CWU and personal strategies that have proved effective in being a leader of library faculty are described.






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