Reading the region 2015-2016 Award Books, Award Programs, and the Latest Winning Titles from Around the PNLA Region


  • Jan Zauha Outreach, Instruction, and Research Librarian, Montana State University, Bozeman, MT


reading, literary awards, Pacific Northwest


This bibliography first existed as a panel program at the Pacific Northwest Library Associ-ation’s Annual Conference in Calgary, AB, in August 2016. Each year at this conference, librarians from around the region perform book talks on their favorite award winners. This helps us all identify the best books that came out in our region in the past year so that we can connect readers with them, build our collections with wonderful content that represents our Pacific Northwest world in all is diversity and beauty, and celebrate the many wonderful writers and award programs we have in the region. Without bibliographies and programs such as this, these awards are not easily identified or tracked, unlike the higher-profile national and international literary prizes that we are more familiar with.