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Vol 16 (2019): Young Scholars in Writing
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YSW is accepting submissions for Volume 18!

We are accepting the following types of submissions:

Articles (original research; 10-25 pages double spaced)

Comments & Responses (response to previous YSW article which presents a clear argument and draws on additional sources; 2-5 pages double spaced)

Methodological Reflections (detailed narrative and reflection about experience using empirical method that is in conversation with literature on methods; 3-8 pages double spaced)

Spotlight on First-Year Writing (research by students in first-year college writing courses; 5-25 pages double spaced)

Submit here. 

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YSW commits to sustain an inclusive space for diverse scholars and scholarship in rhetoric and writing studies. We especially value research that explores the rich expanse of cultures, Englishes, identities, and spaces of languaging and performance that characterize historical and contemporary scenes of rhetorical interaction. In so doing, YSW seeks to expand the range of voices and perspectives contributing to and represented in the scholarship of rhetoric and writing studies. We create a safe and rewarding experience for historically underrepresented or marginalized contributors, including scholars of color, all sexual and gender identities, all nationalities, nontraditional students, two-year college students, and students of all socioeconomic statuses. 

Congratulations to the many young scholars who have published in the pages of our journal!

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