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About the Montana State Periodical Index (MPI)

What is it?

The Montana State Periodical Index (MPI) is a bibliographic index with over 6,400 article and content citations appearing in periodicals produced by Montana publishers. In the early 1980's a librarian at Havre High School, Montana indexed the Montana Publications. At that time, several Montana libraries subscribed to the index, first by purchasing the index as cards and later the loose leaf 8 1/2 x 11 inch pages. Havre High School librarian, Shirlee Smith, donated the MPI Index to Montana State University Library for online distribution.

Magazines indexed within MPI include:
Montana Business Quarterly 1983 - 1995
Montana Magazine 1974 - 1995
Montana Magazine of the Northern Rockies 1974 - 1978
Montana Outdoors 1980 - 1995
Montana the Magazine of Western History 1985 - 1995
Persimmon Hill 1983 - 1984
Western Wildlands 1985 - 1992

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