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Montana State University (MSU) Extension Service Historical Publications

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  • Cow Testing

    Cow Testing

    Author(s): Unknown

    Date: 1915-06-01

    Keyword(s): dairy cows, milk yield, feed measurement, dairy farm management, milk production, cattle, testing, cows

  • Flax Facts

    Flax Facts

    Author(s): Unknown

    Date: 1930-02-01

    Keyword(s): flax, output, yields, outlook, costs, profits, production, minnesota, south dakota, north dakota, montana, industry, flaxseed, seed, quality, yields, farmers, farming, land, varieties, linseed, tariffs, implements, harvesting, threshing, wheat, grains

  • Irrigation Structures and Equipment

    Irrigation Structures and Equipment

    Author(s): Howard, Stanley W. and Monson, O. W. (Olof Wilford)

    Date: 1961-01-01

    Keyword(s): irrigation, fields, farming, equipment, weirs, implements, concrete, spiles, pipes, dams, headgates, checks, laterals, leveling, digging, ditches, dikes, furrowers, corrugation, augers, siphons, turnouts, survey, soils, moisture, carrying capacity