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Montana State University (MSU) Extension Service Historical Publications

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  • The Montana Farm Garden

    The Montana Farm Garden

    Author(s): Isaac, E. E.

    Date: 1932-02-01

    Keyword(s): vegetables, homemaking, gardens, gardening, nutrition, location, quantity, canning, yields, varieties, manure, hotbed, cold frame, soils, planting, cultivation, mulches, irrigation, pests, storage, roots, herbs, brassicas, asparagus, tomatoes, peppers

  • Dinner Club

    Dinner Club

    Author(s): Bunting, Pauline

    Date: 1937-11-01

    Keyword(s): 4-H clubs, dinner, cooking, recipes, nutrition, health, meals, planning, menus, appetizers, meats, poultry, fish, vegetables, salads, breads, desserts, service, baking, etiquette, conversation, place settings, table, pastries, frozen, confections, cakes

  • Sewing Handbook for Montana Clothing Club Girls

    Sewing Handbook for Montana Clothing Club Girls

    Author(s): Linhoff, Emily A. and Patchin, Ruth

    Date: 1921-10-01

    Keyword(s): girls clubs, sewing, clothing, garments, stitches, stitching, textiles, alterations, patterns, fabrics, mending, patching, dyeing, trimmings, ribbons, sewing machines, hemming, basting, silk, wool, cotton, linen, plackets, pockets, fasteners, dresses