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  • Simple Upholstery Methods

    Simple Upholstery Methods

    Author(s): Tuller, Margaret Huston

    Date: 1938-08-01

    Keyword(s): upholstery, reupholstery, reupholstering, upholster, reupholster, upholstering, furniture, footstools, springs, webbing, padding, covering, lining, wood, legs, frame, repairing, reupholstering, fabrics

  • Summer Clothes for Girls: Second Year 4-H Club Clothing

    Summer Clothes for Girls: Second Year 4-H Club Clothing

    Author(s): Euren, Myrtle G.

    Date: 1932-02-01

    Keyword(s): 4-H clubs, sewing, garments, wardrobe, clothing, fashion, patterns, slips, intimates, seams, stitches, bloomers, designs, colors, undergarments, underwear, patches, pajamas, dresses

  • Setting of Table

    Setting of Table

    Author(s): Unknown

    Date: 1915-03-01

    Keyword(s): table setting, etiquette, place settings, meal service