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Montana State University (MSU) Extension Service Historical Publications

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  • 4-H Potato Club Manual

    4-H Potato Club Manual

    Author(s): Isaac, E. E.

    Date: 1932-12-01

    Keyword(s): 4-H clubs, seed potatoes, gardening, soils, varieties, eyes, tubers, planting, certified, rogueing, weeding, cultivation, irrigation, insects, harvesting, grades, storage, exhibitions, fairs, netted gem, bliss triumph, irish cobbler, green mountain

  • Breakfast Club

    Breakfast Club

    Author(s): Euren, Myrtle G.

    Date: 1932-09-01

    Keyword(s): 4-H clubs, breakfast, cooking, recipes, nutrition, health, meals, planning, menus, fruit, cereals, milk, eggs, quick breads, service, baking, etiquette, conversation, place settings, table

  • Methods of Irrigation for Montana

    Methods of Irrigation for Montana

    Author(s): Monson, O. W. (Olof Wilford)

    Date: 1937-08-01

    Keyword(s): irrigation, moisture, carrying, capacity, soils, water, control, structures, measure, flowing, wild, flooding, border, ditches, contour, dikes, check, corrugation, overhead, spray, porous hose, drip, weirs, gates, turnouts, slopes, leveler