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  • Poultry Housing

    Poultry Housing

    Author(s): Cushman, H. E. (Harriette Eliza) and Wilson, E. B. (Eric B.)

    Date: 1950-04-01

    Keyword(s): poultry, chickens, houses, coops, equipment, planning, design, construction, buildings, furnishings, roosts, remodeling, structures

  • 4-H Garden Club Manual

    4-H Garden Club Manual

    Author(s): Isaac, E.E.

    Date: 1933-03-01

    Keyword(s): vegetables, 4-H clubs, homemaking, gardens, gardening, location, quantity, yields, varieties, manure, hotbed, cold frame, soils, planting, cultivation, irrigation, pests, insects, storage

  • Horses


    Author(s): Miller, Ross and Anderson, I. M. C.

    Date: 1933-05-01

    Keyword(s): horses, livestock, breeding, draft, hay, hooves, teeth, stables, harnesses, feeds, feeding, nutrition, health, roughage, stallions, mares, schedules, costs, breaking, working, watering, selling, big team, hitches