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  • The 4-H Club Beef Calf

    The 4-H Club Beef Calf

    Author(s): Lewis, Howard G.

    Date: 1939-06-01

    Keyword(s): 4-H clubs, beef, calf, calves, cattle, cows, grains, feeds, feeding, horns, demonstrations, exhibitions, breaking, schedules, training, shelter, health, diseases, blackleg, bloat, parasites, ringworm, pink eye, warts, indigestion

  • Big Teams in Montana

    Big Teams in Montana

    Author(s): Wilson, M. L. (Milburn Lincoln)

    Date: 1925-04-01

    Keyword(s): horses, teams, farmers, draft, implements, string, bunch, abreast, hitches, harness, history, wagons, bridles, barns, harnessing, leading, duckfoot, winnett, noble, hallman, booker, equalizing, armstrong, schandoney, talkington, beaton, umbewist, witte

  • Demonstrations and Home Economics Judging in Montana 4-H Clubs

    Demonstrations and Home Economics Judging in Montana 4-H Clubs

    Author(s): Bunting, Pauline and Cameron, Ray E.

    Date: 1939-03-01

    Keyword(s): 4-H clubs, demonstrations, exhibitions, fairs, exhibits, home economics, topics, subjects, outlines, scorecards, judging, judges, rankings, foods, baked, canned, clothing, garments, interior design, pictures, curtains, window treatments, desserts, cakes