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  • Montana Boys' and Girls' Potato Club

    Montana Boys' and Girls' Potato Club

    Author(s): Potter, Charles E. and Whipple, O. B. (Orville Blaine)

    Date: 1919-11-01

    Keyword(s): boys clubs, girls clubs, fairs, potatoes, potato bugs, tubers, eyes, seed

  • Diet for Mother and Child

    Diet for Mother and Child

    Author(s): Hunter, Martha Mae

    Date: 1923-06-01

    Keyword(s): mothers, children, infants, preschoolers, diet, nutrition, nutritional requirements, vitamins, minerals, health, weight, breast feeding, child rearing, recipes, height and weight tables

  • 4-H Poultry Manual

    4-H Poultry Manual

    Author(s): Cushman, Harriette Eliza

    Date: 1932-06-01

    Keyword(s): 4-H clubs, poultry, chickens, chicks, mash, hoppers, coops, fountains, waterers, hens, incubation, breeding, pullets, care, feeds, feeding, capons, caponizing, laying, housing, culling, eggs, grades, exhibitions, shows, diseases, parasites