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  • Turkeys in Montana

    Turkeys in Montana

    Author(s): Cushman, Harriette Eliza and Welch, Howard

    Date: 1947-11-01

    Keyword(s): turkeys, industry, farming, farmers, breeding, stock, care, management, natural, artificial, incubation, brooding, feeding, feeds, fattening, market, shelters, varieties, cooperative marketing, costs, profits, killing, slaughter, diseases, parasites

  • Montana Honor Roll Dairymen Tell Their Stories

    Montana Honor Roll Dairymen Tell Their Stories

    Author(s): Tretsven, J. O. (John Oscar)

    Date: 1935-02-01

    Keyword(s): dairy, dairymen, farmers, ranchers, cattle, cows, stockmen, livestock, experiences, breeding, salts, minerals, problems, milking, feeds, feeding, calves, costs, herds, purebred, bulls, winter, barns, hay, nutrition, health, grains

  • Stubble Burning

    Stubble Burning

    Author(s): Starch, Elmer A. and Kurtz, L. D.

    Date: 1929-03-01

    Keyword(s): farmers, farming, crops, stubble, burning, fires, fields, harvsting, land, fire drag, machines, costs, yields, safety, summer, fall, fallow, conditions