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  • Feeding Laying Hens

    Feeding Laying Hens

    Author(s): Cushman, H.E. (Harriette Eliza)

    Date: 1947-06-01

    Keyword(s): poultry, hens, chickens, feeds, feeding, schedules, mash, hoppers, feeders, winter, profits, nutrition, grains, eggs, laying, costs, farms

  • Poultry Housing and Poultry House Equipment

    Poultry Housing and Poultry House Equipment

    Author(s): Cushman, Harriette Eliza

    Date: 1942-03-01

    Keyword(s): poultry, chickens, hens, eggs, houses, coops, equipment, planning, design, construction, buildings, furnishings, roosts, nests, mash, hoppers, waterers, drinking, fountains, remodeling, structures, hooks, flues, ventilation, airflow, chimney, ventilators

  • The Montana Agricultural Outlook For 1941

    The Montana Agricultural Outlook For 1941

    Author(s): Unknown

    Date: 1940-12-01

    Keyword(s): farmers, farming, agriculture, business, war, income, prices, costs, family life, homemaking, economics, trends, outlook, wheat, feed, beef, cows, cattle, wool, sheep, lambs, pigs, hogs, swine, dairy, beets, poultry, chickens, eggs, fruit, price index