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  • Pattern Alteration

    Pattern Alteration

    Author(s): Hilyard, Lora V.

    Date: 1950-10-01

    Keyword(s): sewing, clothing, garments, patterns, apparel, blouses, skirts, alterations, fit, cutting, measurements

  • Small Cakes

    Small Cakes

    Author(s): Unknown

    Date: 1915-11-01

    Keyword(s): cookies, cookie bars, oatmeal, fruit, baking, recipes, desserts

  • Trees Native to Montana

    Trees Native to Montana

    Author(s): Drummond, John P.

    Date: 1949-06-01

    Keyword(s): trees, pines, elms, birch, aspens, cottonwoods, ash, cedar, juniper, maple, fir, hemlock, larch, boxelder, mahogany, willow, chokecherry