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August "Gus" L. Hormay Personal Papers Digital Collection

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  • Forage composition, utilization

    Creator: Gardner

    Date: April 7, 1938

    Keyword(s): utilization, forage, yield classification, quadrat cover, burgess spring experimental range

  • The Eastside Pine Region of California and Its Range Problems

    Creator: Hormay, A. L.

    Date: 1936, February 28

    Keyword(s): publication, California, bitterbrush, carrying capacity, production, deterioration, drainage, eastside pine region, eastside ranges, economic evaluation, environmental impact, grazing, grazing capacity, grazing plan, livestock control, livestock grazing, livestock grazing effects, meadow pasture, ponderosa pine, restoration, summer grazing

  • Early season deer and livestock conflict

    Creator: Gardner

    Date: December 22, 1938

    Keyword(s): deer, livestock, grazing preferences, cattle