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  • Rayner, Henry N. M. Letters, diaries, and papers, 1852-1896

    Collection: 0777

    Creator: Rayner, Henry N. M.

    Date(s): 1852-1896

    Keywords(s): montana history, personal journals and diaries, memorabilia, travel, american civil war, american civil war diaries, henry n. m. raynor, mahala raynor, union army soldiers, gold rush, grand review of the armies (1865), lee raynor, mary raynor, abraham lin

  • Gallatin County, Montana, Sheriff's Office. Records, 1900-1950

    Collection: 2083

    Creator: Gallatin County [Mont.] Sheriff

    Date(s): 1900-1950

    Keywords(s): montana history, montana sheriffs, montana crime, montana law enforcement, day books, gallatin county (montana) sheriffs office, criminal investigations, court transactions, cattle sales, cattle inspection certificates, registration of firearms, bounty ce

  • Willson, Davis. Papers, 1861-1915

    Collection: 1076

    Creator: Willson, Davis

    Date(s): 1861-1915

    Keywords(s): montana history, personal journals and diaries, native americans, politics, wagon trains, davis willson, historical newspaper clippings, personal letters