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  • United States. Works Progress Administration. Montana. WPA Records, 1936-1942

    Collection: 2336

    Creator: United States. Work Projects Administration [Mont.]

    Date(s): 1936-1942

    Keywords(s): works progress administration (wpa), montana history, federal writers project, montana wpa records, montana public works, folklore, almanacs, indian legends, county archive inventories, vital statistics, historical newspapers, montana state capitol, archi

  • Hormay, August 'Gus' Ludwig. Papers, 1900-1999

    Collection: 2451

    Creator: Hormay, August Ludwig, 1907-

    Date(s): 1900-1999

    Keywords(s): diaries, agriculture and ranching, historical photographs, rest-rotation, range science, bitterbrush, travel, forests, vital statistics, rangelands, land management, allotments, bunchgrass, deforestation, erosion, forest service, plants, riparian, sagebru

  • Huntley Project. History, 1959

    Collection: 0710

    Creator: Erb, Donald Macer, 1937-

    Date(s): 1959-00-00

    Keywords(s): montana history, huntley project, interviews, oral histories, churches, biographies